2022 Exhibiting Artists

Don McWhorter, Clay

Wendy  Converse, Clay

Kathy Davies, Clay

Mike Williamson, Clay

Michelle Doolittle, Clay

Bradley Walters, Clay

Deborah Lyle and Cassie Lyle,  Clay

Colleen Williams, Clay

Lee Laney and Leonard McEwen, Clay

Ken Lockhart, Clay

Clayton Brandenburg, Clay

Joshua Saunders, Drawing/Graphics

Brinda M Cockburn, Fiber

Beverly Dittmer, Fiber

Robert  Thompson, Fiber

Gloria Simons, Glass

Parry Moss and Lisa Larsen-Moss, Glass

Janet Borchardt, Glass

Larry Hamilton, Glass

Dana Helton, Glass

Bre Martinson, Glass

Charles Pinckney, Jewelry

Regina To, Jewelry

Erika Simon, Jewelry

Amy Pieroni, Jewelry

Debra Cobia, Jewelry

Stacy Deline, Jewelry

Melanie Cape, Jewelry

Elizabeth Seidel, Jewelry

Lisa Chile, Jewelry

Robert Taylor, Metal

Tonia Mitchell, Mixed Media

Sally Austin, Mixed Media

Scott McQueen, Mixed Media

Lee Laney, Mixed Media

Penny Lewis, Mixed Media

Kati Lowe, Mixed Media

Robert  Ballard, Other

M Hakima, Painting

Manami Lingerfelt, Painting

Lisa Kirk, Painting

Peggy Reeves, Painting

Candace Fincher, Painting

Cindy Kelley, Painting

Mary Daum, Painting

Nathan Miller, Painting

Leigh Ellis, Painting

Michael Ford, Painting

Kimberly Klock, Painting

Briana Ogando, Painting

Laura Smith, Painting

Julian Cowart, Painting

Stan Susky, Photography

George Hernandez, Photography

Johnny Evans Jr., Sculpture

Ken Eaton, Sculpture

Joel Johnston, Sculpture

Edward Heerten and Patricia Heerten, Wood

Allen Quandee, Wood

Carrollton Writers Guild

Richard Anderson

Stephanie Baldi

Mary Cunningham

Anita Wright

Yvonne Conners

Frank Allan Rogers

Ginny Nickeloff


Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group

Anita Buice

Beverly Bruemmer

Stacy Jordon

Neal Papevies

Robert Kenimer

Sherry Brown & Diane Hurston